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MySpring is a dynamic company that is composed from experienced executives but also from young people with special knowledge and new perceptions. In the executives and the collaborators of the company are included:
• Chemist
• Mechanical engineer
• Civil engineer with specialization in the management and cleaning of aquatic resources
• Electronic engineer specialized in automation
The company collaborates with the biggest foreign companies, importing technology and products and has as irrefrangibly rule, the analytic test of water before the supply of any appliance. The rich collection of elements and test equipment, allows the creation of appliances suitable for the treatment of the most brackish waters.
The appliances that allocate the company are suitable for production of potable water from 100 up to 150.000 liters per day.
Last realization of techniques of company, is the creation of appliance of reverse osmosis that is incorporated with an ice-cube maker.
The ice-cube machines are exclusively imported by MySpring and produce ice cubes free of salts. This combination allows ice cube production from brackish water.


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